Key words: Analytical; analysis; chemical; chemistry; education; environment; environmental; instrumentation; monitoring; training; water; water quality

Exmoor Environmental Services

For advice on and training in scientific methods for environmental monitoring

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Hampshire County Council

1988 - 1992

Chemical monitoring of the Basingstoke Canal.

Exmoor Society


Investigate the effects of leaking silage on the Weirwater River, Exmoor

The Robens Institute, the University of Surrey


Gave lectures on Research Methodology to Environmental Health Officers in Cyprus

The Robens Institute, the University of Surrey


1. In Mauritius, provided advice and guidance on chemical analytical instrumentation to staff of the National Environmental Laboratory.

2. Also in Mauritius, discussed the nature and problems of asbestos with Environmental Health Inspectors.

The Robens Institute, the University of Surrey, and Kamsax International

2000 - 2002

1. To provide advice and draw up specifications for for extending the analytical capability of the Water Resources Management Department, Entebbe, Uganda.

2. Train staff in the use of the newly acquired instruments

3. Write analytical methods to be used with the instrumentation.

The Diocese of Eastern Province, Zambia


Provided advice with respect to a plan to provide standpipes providing clean drinking water to the community at Msoro in Eastern Province.

Projects Undertaken